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"It has made access to my resources so much easier globally and made tracking students who are doing the course simple.It is great to have a platform that is local and works with the clients to make the product work for them. "

- Madz Deyzel - Edify-building the Soul


Systems should be intuitive...


Our solution offers you all the core functionality you will need, without the unwanted bloat or complexity often found in an LMS

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  • Quick Effortless setup
  • Admin metrics dashboard
  • Teacher, student or admin
  • Full brand customisation
  • Custom domain setup
  • Detailed built in reporting
  • Export data as PDF or Excel
  • Cloud based
  • Asynchronous Learning
  • Private & Secure
  • Fully responsive
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Unlimited Storage
Lets make it easy!  

Course Creation

Create digital lessons using whatever software tools you are comfortable with and save cost.

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  • Intuitive Curriculum setup
  • Effortless lesson creation
  • Supports Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Supports Microsoft Word
  • Supports learning videos
  • Supports image files
  • Built in text editor
  • Non SCORM compliant
  • Built in assessments
  • One click bulk content upload
  • Student Progress tracking
  • Student record of grades
  • Unlimited Courses

Effortless Account setup

You will only be asked for your email address and name. You will receive an email to authenticate yourself account. When this is done you can login and get started. By default we will give you your own domain for your Course Website e.g. (your website name).teachfolk.com.

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Website Customisation

You will be able to set up and customise your courses, navigation, web pages (including layout), copy, imagery, typefaces and branding. No coding experience needed!

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Intuitive Course Creation

teachfolk.com will guide you through the process of creating courses.

You don't have to have any past experience in developing online courses.Just fill in a few titles and description copy and then add your content files e.g. video, PDF or JPEG its that easy!

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Celebrating a Course Website to Sell Online Courses

Custom Domain Setup

By default we will create a searchable website domain for your Course Website e.g. (your website name).teachfolk.com. You can use this or if you already have a domain or decide to register your own you can use this instead, its really simple to do e.g. (your existing domain).com. So, basically no one will know you used teachfolk at all, once you register we explain how to set up your own domain from within your dashboard.

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Easy to use reporting

There is no point in having a Course Website if you cannot track how many people are taking your courses, or which content they want the most. So, we have built in reporting that tracks all you need to know, including your enrolment and course sales information.

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Universal Profile

Once registered with teachfolk.com you complete your Universal Profile.

What does this mean? You will be able to create other Course Website's or be asked to upload Learning Content onto other users Course Websites who have a teachfolk Account. This allows you to scale up your revenue streams as both Learning content creator and Course Website Owner. There is no limit to how many sites you can have or to how many sites you create content for, so you can generate multiple streams of income!

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Pre set quizz's and assessments

What's the point if you cannot measure? Every course you create can have quizzes added to every section of your course, this can be used to review student competence and is included in all reporting on your Course Website.

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